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Beautiful leather tray hamper arranged with

• Smokey Cheese Buttons 

• Rose Spice Buttons

• 12pc Baklavas 

• 12 Nougats 

• Slider Box 

•‘Assorted Chocolate Dragees (Orangettes,Salted Caramel with Almond ,Coffee ,Olivettes ; Dark & White chocolate with almond )

• Spicy Nuts

• Chocolate Dates Almond 9pcs

• Almond Dragees (Sugar coated Avola Almonds)

• Rose or Lavender Tea  

• Dates Mamoul (Dates Shortbread Cookies)

• Semolina Orange Cake 6”x6”

• Leather Tray & Decor 

Fadina reserves the rights to substitute out of stock items with items of equivalent value 

** Complimentary Delivery for confirmed orders before 3rd May 2021