Fadina Products

Premium Baklavas 

Traditional Middle Eastern pastries, fragrant with a hint of rose essence, finest honey, high quality pistachios, almonds, and spices. Sweetened especially to the taste buds of the Far East (Less Sweet). Adding onto the Less Sweet Baklava range, Fadina’s Diet Baklavas (Sugar-free) are made with careful consideration to cater to consumers with special dietary needs or for those whom simply looking for a healthier substitute. Being sugar-free, our diet baklava range is also suitable for those who are diabetic. Moreover, our sugar-free baklavas do not promote tooth decay & are low on calorie, suitable for those whom are on a strict dietary regime.

Almond & Chocolate Dragees

 A dragée is a bite-sized, colourful form of confectionery with a hard outer shell. Our range of dragées cover sugared almonds which are sugar panned in various pastel and bright colours and can be customised to any occasion.

Fadina Signature Premium Chocolates

For hundreds of years’ chocolate has been the number one indulgence for most of us, and we have created a wide variety of chocolates to suit all tastes with our milk, dark and white chocolate offerings for all-year-round treats. At the heart of our chocolate making are our creative recipes and natural ingredients such as Orange Blossom, Rose Petal or Lavender, making us one of the leading gourmet chocolatier in innovation.

 Nougats & Malbans

Nougat is a variety of traditional confectioneries made with sugar or honey, roasted walnuts, pistachios, whipped egg whites and sometimes chopped candied fruit. The consistency of our nougat ranges from soft and chewy to hard and crunchy depending on its composition, added ingredients and flavours. We have created new and innovative recipes such as Rose Petal Nougat and Strawberry Deluxe.

Dates & Fruits

Fadina aim is to provide high quality, great taste and yet healthy and nutritious  treats. Wellness Treats is a range of healthiest alternatives to sugar and they are an excellent way to satisfy a sweet craving. Dried Fruits like Apricots, Figs, Dates & Raisins are rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and the essential minerals potassium and magnesium. Eating dried fruits itself in moderation is a great way to get the needed nutrients and vitamins. Dried fruit is a quick and tasty way to get those same benefits during a busy, fast-paced day.

Gifts Hampers


Fadina also produces seasonal and limited-edition gifts, platters, baskets and hampers for all major occasions and holidays, and by wrapping them individually and decorating them with lustrous crystals, ribbons, and pearls, a new way of giving original and customised handcrafted gifts is unveiled.