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Wedding Bliss

Wonderful little gift boxes with an embossed design of a wedding couple are perfect for your special day, filled with:

Option 1:

6pcs of delicious premium Baklavas

( Selected Flavours : Flaky Roll Cashew / Cashew Wrap / Rose Cashew)

NOTE: S$10 for  50pcs/ above

Option 2:

6pcs Premium Chocolates (Selected Flavours : Milk Mix Nuts)

NOTE: S$10 for 50pcs/ above

Option 3:

6pcs Assorted Premium Nougats

Selected Flavours : Turkish Delights & Rose Cashew/Apricot Nougats

NOTE: S$10 for 50pcs/ above

For order above 50pcs, please send email to:

Suitable for ROM occasion 

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